Design Services

Design Services

Going for professional landscape design services is always the right choice. Maybe you have seen homes in Missouri with breathtaking outdoors and may have also seen homes with complex designs. Coming up with a great design idea is just the start of it. This idea must evolve into a complex set of ideas that still have to be neatly organized. Don’t fret about that because Terra-Scape Landscape Constructors can help you design landscapes that are both functional and stunning.

Celebrate Classic

Trends come and go in landscape designing. But the classic landscape design still remains one of the best choices. Although simpler, minimalistic, and not so flashy, classic designs will never fail to wow every generation. Among the classic landscape styles are the use of maze out of bushes, plant beds, and statues. Think old school and you’re thinking classical. However, our company can also incorporate modern styles in our landscape design services.

Design Services

Pick Easy Flowers and Plants

Imported flowering plants from other parts of the world may provide a unique ambiance for the landscape but that means extra maintenance effort on your part. For busy Missouri homeowners, we highly recommend easy-to-tame local plants. Besides, our beloved state has plenty of plant varieties. Your garden will look stunning when various flowering plants are included in the landscape design. We’ll also help you choose a combination of plants that will ensure that your landscape has the looks of spring even in the wintertime.

Balance the Softscape with Hardscape

Stones, bricks, tiles, and concrete are just a few of the many materials that make up the hardscape design. These materials are important for building the driveways, walkways, retaining walls, pools, plant beds, and a lot more. Imagine the landscape without the hardscape. It will be a boring scene. That is why this is always included in our landscape design services.

Design Services

Add a Shelter

Gone were the days when the landscape is designed using plants and shrubs. Today, most landscape design services will transform your outdoors into a place where you stay for a while to de-stress after a hectic day, a comfy zone for the weekend barbecue party, and the best spot for showing that cooking skill as ala chef. Outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining table, outdoor living room, view decks, and patios are only some of the possible inclusion in our landscape design services.

The Sound of Water

Staying outside is already a relaxing experience. But what if you can add the sound of water outdoors? Our design services encourage the addition of water features. The simplest pondless waterfall or fountain will do for the sound of water. But we will make it a better experience for you by including fishes and adding wonderful water plants in the design of the water features. To complete our landscape design services, we can design a relaxing and warm spa that you can share with friends or make a splashing experience even for kids by adding a pool to the landscape.

There is no excuse to beautify your outdoors with the most creative landscape designers in Missouri. Terra-Scape Landscape Constructors can transform a completely bizarre-looking outdoors into a paradise on earth. Our creative and skilled team will make that possible. We can even design the landscape based on your preferences. No worries about the budget because we are flexible with our design services. Call us today.

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