Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Soil erosion can be a safety hazard if not addressed immediately and properly. It is actually a common occurrence in downhill areas or slopes. Aside from geographical location, the current urbanization where trees are cut to give way to modern living is also increasing the risk of soil erosion. However, erosion control can always be considered.

In the landscape industry, erosion is a common problem. Most landscapers, especially those who perform land grading as well, take into consideration the location of where the landscape is intended to be built. Modern erosion control techniques are applied to prevent the destruction of the landscape. If you are in Missouri, your home or landscape should always have an erosion control feature.

Erosion Control Techniques

Erosion Control

Most landscape designers mainly use two categories of erosion control techniques. They are more often used together to completely control erosion of the soil. The two major categories are through the use of plants, shrubs or trees and the other one is through hardscapes.

Another erosion control method is mulching. Mulching is the process used to maintain moisture in the soil. Materials are placed on top of the soil to lock in moisture. Mulches may be organic and inorganic. Inorganic materials may include stone, lava rock, pulverized rubber or geotextile fabrics. They do not decompose and do not need to be replaced as much as you do with organic materials. However, convenient as they may be, they do not provide nutrients to the soil. That is the reason why most landscapers prefer to use organic materials such as barks of trees, wood chips, and compost mix to name a few.

Erosion Control

On the other hand, landscapers also use hardscapes in controlling erosion. The most popular erosion control technique being used is the retaining walls. Aside from the aesthetic appeal it brings, retaining walls provide protection in cases of soil erosion. Others use dry creek beds as well. This is often used in locations where houses are generally situated on hills. A good drainage system and grading are a must in cases where landscape designers would use this kind of erosion control technique.

The Right Company for Erosion Control Projects

Terra-Scape Landscape Constructors has over ten years of experience in landscape construction and design. We assure our clients that we do not just design your landscape; we also consider your location, the erosion risks and the maintenance of the landscape you have invested in.

Our personnel are highly equipped and trained with the latest techniques in erosion control so we could perform our job not just efficiently but with quality as well. We service the state of Missouri and nearby towns and cities like Wentzville, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Wildwood, Town and Country and St Charles. And because our satisfied clients become our word mouth advertisers, we also have clients from O'Fallon, Creve Coeur, Ladue and Frontenac.

You may call us up for a free estimate or consultation on what's the best erosion control technique we can use with the landscape you already have or if you would like us to check your location, we could always collaborate and give you recommendations and suggestions for the best erosion control design that would be applicable.

Our service coverage includes the following Cities, Towns and nearby areas in the State of Missouri, MO:
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