Snow & Ice Removal

Snow & Ice Removal

Places that enjoy snowfall like the state of Missouri also take the burden of snow and ice removal. Worse, you take this burden even if you don’t seem to enjoy the snowfall. It’s common to experience instant stress after seeing the entire outdoor covered with ice. Besides the discomfort, thick snow covering is also dangerous. In fact, it is deadly.

Comfort and safety will still be yours if the snow or ice is removed as soon as possible. But that would mean spending endless hours in the cold while impatiently shoveling off the snow or ice inch by inch. Why not give yourself a favor and just hire Terra-Scape Landscape Constructors for your snow and ice removal needs?

Tools and Equipment

Most homes in Frontenac, Ladue, Creve Coeur, St. Louis, and other cities of Missouri have only brooms for removing light snow. Some homeowners are more practical to invest in snow shovels, snow scoops, and snow pushers. A few, however, are more serious about this chore that they invested in expensive snow blowers to get the job done.

Our team has all the needed tools and equipment for snow and ice removal. Yes, we have brooms, shovels, scoopers, and blowers. But besides all these, we also have state-of-the-art tractors for easier, safer, and faster scooping out of snow. We don’t just set the snow aside somewhere in your backyard. We have trucks where we keep the collected snow and ice. This will be properly disposed and that’s definitely not anywhere in your backyard.


Snow & Ice Removal

Did you know that some people get serious injuries because of the tedious snow and ice removal? That is because they cannot bear to scoop out all the snow on their driveways and walkways alone. No need to face danger as long as you have our team.

Terra-Scape Landscape Constructors has enough manpower to remove snow in your backyard. We make sure that the tedious snow and ice removal is divided among our people so that the job will be easily doable within the day. We do this job as a team so no one will get injured and nobody has to suffer.


Most homeowners have the tools and maybe have enough help from their friends. In short, they got the tools and the manpower required to do the snow and ice removal safely. But can they do it effectively? Many homeowners do not have the expertise to do it properly. They often create dents on the driveway, ruin the expensive stones, make holes in the sensitive drainage system, kill the plants, and destroy the entire landscape. Experts like our company will never do these mistakes

Besides offering a snow and ice removal services, we are also one of the best landscape companies in the state. And because of this, we know how to remove snow without removing any essential part of your outdoors’ ecosystem. This is the best advantage we have against our competitors. No wonder why we are the choice of many homeowners who worry about their landscape being covered by snow.

No need to worry anymore. Contact our team immediately. We are always ready to render snow and ice removal services anytime and anywhere in Missouri.

Our service coverage includes the following Cities, Towns and nearby areas in the State of Missouri, MO:
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