Landscaping is more than just covering the barren yard with lawns, flowers, or beautiful stones. This is the fusion of art and science, not a creation of accidental success. Landscape artists do not simply plan the design based on what’s good for the eyes. They plan based on what’s practical for the environment. That is why even DIYers need to study the concept of landscaping before dealing with it. Or better yet, homeowners must carefully pick a professional landscape artist.

Tips on Choosing the Right Landscaping Company

Unfortunately, anyone can say that they are a landscaping pro, even those who have never undergone the necessary training to be deservedly called a pro. So when choosing, you need to be wiser. Pick based on what the professional landscaper has already done. His portfolio is a testament to what he can do. If you are in the St Louis Metro area, a landscape contractor that you can rely on is Terra-Scape Landscape Constructors. Better check our Gallery section and you will see how good our company is when it comes to landscaping.

But don’t just rely on the recent creations. Also look at the years spent by the company to harness its landscaping skills. In our case, we have been beautifying Missouri homes and business establishments since 1999. Besides the length in the industry, also consider what the former clients can say. Our repeat customers and recommendations from them are already testaments to how satisfactory our landscaping services are.

Most importantly, hire a landscaping contractor with all the necessary insurance and certifications. Our company is a Certified Concrete Paver Installer and a Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer. All these qualities have made us one of the best, if not the best, landscaping construction companies in Missouri.

Flexibility in Landscaping

Making your mediocre outdoors into a paradise made on earth can be possible by hiring an experienced landscaping company. Whatever the current condition of your outdoors, we can surely make it into your dream haven. Our team has a lot of experience and we are very flexible working with any type of outdoors. Is your backyard too small? We have many ideas to be able to fit everything in it. Too much free space? We have an even larger array of options to make it not just beautiful but also functional. Is your budget a problem? That is no problem with us. Our team can work based on your preferences. And by “preferences,” we don’t just mean your sense of style but also your budget.

Every home and business establishment in Missouri has to have a beautiful landscape. Whatever problem or issue you may have, we always have the solution.

Terra-Scape Landscape Constructors has been beautifying Missouri outdoors since 1999. We have skilled, highly creative, and dedicated landscape artists who have already proven their ability on hundreds of landscape projects that we handled. We always focus all of our resources on every landscaping project that we have to ensure our clients are satisfied. We may not be the jack of all trades, but we are definitely not the master of none. That’s because we are the master of Missouri landscaping.

Remember, the metamorphosis of your boring backyard or lonely lawn will start with you. Contact us soon and we’ll discuss the changes you want for your backyard. No landscaping project is too big or too small for Terra-Scape.

Our service coverage includes the following Cities, Towns and nearby areas in the State of Missouri, MO:
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