Belair Wall 2.0

Belair Wall 2.0

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Belair Wall® 2.0 is ideal for retaining and freestanding wall construction where aesthetics are a key consideration. The attractive multipiece design and blended colors offer an alternative look to traditional retaining wall blocks. Belair Wall 2.0 can be used in curves and corners, terraces and raised patios, or steps and columns.


Belair 2.0 Segmental Retaining WallBelair 2.0 Segmental Retaining Wall

6 x 6 x 8
6 x 10 x 8
6 x 16 x 8
Belair 2.0 Freestanding WallBelair 2.0 Freestanding Wall

6 x 6 x 5
6 x 10 x 5
6 x 16 x 5

6 x 16 3/4 x 8
Trapezoid Double-Sided CapTrapezoid Double-Sided Cap

3 x 7/8 x 13 1/2
Cap End 3-SidedCap End 3-Sided

3 x 8 x 13 1/2
Wall End 3-SidedWall End 3-Sided

6 x 8 x 11

All measurements are approximate.
Contact your local Belgard dealer for details.


Fossil Beige
Fossil Beige
Harvest Blend
Harvest Blend


No pattern information is available for this product.
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